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Guestbook for Karen Anne Weller
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October 17, 2015 | Sally Chan - Silver Spring, Md. -- U.S.A.

You, whose existence on Earth,
Spread wide the wings of others so they might soar;
Now watch us with Love on the Other Side.
You cared dearly, there was no hesitation in embracing lives in desperation;
Sometimes forgetting your own Self’s needs.
You thrived in Nature and its beauty; tending it and sending it love;
As it responded in Bounty and enveloped you in its Peace and Vastness.
You created channels and structures to focus on people's healthcare;
Stood your ground, there was more to be accomplished.
But enough had been done; 'twas time for some rest, to restore vitality and tend to family.
The seed that did not fall far from the Weller tree;
With its love, energy and unconditional acceptance.
The legacy you left is one of human dignity, courage and love above all else;
That these qualities so imbued in our lives;
Will bring closer the day when unity and peace will flourish on our planet.
Karen, in memoriam,
We love and honor you.

October 15, 2015 | Laurie Swanson - Freeport, Illinois -- United States

Thank you for including this in the Journal Standard. Karen was a wonderful person that I will never forget. Karen and all of her family were some of our first friends when we moved to Freeport,IL many years ago. Memories include, Karen's loving hospitality and her beautiful flowers, Kendra and Kat playing in a big mud puddle in their front yard and the big dog behind the couch. Karen served us homey healthy meals accompanied with tea. She knew what to do to make us feel welcome. She also welcomed and encouraged my deceased husband Don as he began his work as chaplain at FHN, a job that he loved because he could continue to grow professionally partially because of Karen's leadership and her positive influence. My wishes for all of you are for peace and comfort each and every day. Hugs from Laurie, Karissa and Kendra Swanson

October 13, 2015 | Terry Robbins - Portland, Maine -- US

So sad to hear this news about Karen. I heard the news from a really great friend over in VT. I served Karen for approximately 6 years at North Country Hospital in Newport, VT where she was leading as CEO. I reported directly to her and had the opportunity to assist in developing her vision for a patient-centered physical environment of care. She was an empathetic leader who focused on community care and took a stand on leadership issues with amazing foresight. It was a privilege to serve her cause, and the results of her work are still making a significant impact on care being delivered in Northern VT.

Karen will be missed.

Terry Robbins

October 13, 2015 | Mary Niemeyer McCoy - La Jolla, CA -- US

Even in our young years at St. Mary's, it was clear that Karen would leave a trail of impact wherever her life took her. RIP.

October 13, 2015 | Melissa Pettersson - Newport , Vermont -- USA

I was saddened to learn of Karen's passing. Karen served the Newport area well as CEO of North Country Hospital. It was always apparent that her driving force was the patient first through quality in care and accessibility.
Melissa Pettersson
Newport community member and Trustee of the North Country Hospital.

October 13, 2015 | Ronnie Henry Kessenich - Atlanta, Georgia -- USA

My memories of Karen at Saint Mary's could only always include her wonderful smile. She was so kind & gentle to all & yet never suffered injustice or lack of kindness. She gave so much to so many over her wonderfully full life. My prayers for those who loved her but she is now busy in heaven doing as God asks.

October 13, 2015 | Eric Gubelman - Robinson , Il -- Crawford

Karen was a mentor, friend, and amazing co-worker during my years at the Freeport Health Network.

She taught this former public official how to thrive in a non profit environment, including the valuable insight the f-bombs were less effective in hospitals than they were in dealing with aldermen.

She laughed loudly, cared deeply, and found a way to to get rabbits to emerge from hats.

She brought dental care to children in poverty in our neck of the woods of northwestern Illinois. I helped, and that is what I am putting on my tombstone. Karen needs a bigger stone to chronicle her wonderful, wondrous life.

To her family and friends--I am sorry for our loss.

October 12, 2015 | Diane (Wallace) & Peter McKee - Grand Island, New York -- USA

We have only the most positive memories of Karen. Pete and I dated all through our time at St Mary's and Notre Dame, and we were privileged to enjoy a meaningful friendship with Karen throughout. Karen was always honest, frank, witty, courageous, and personally engaging. Karen showed her caring attitude toward each individual with whom she came into contact. It is impossible to picture Karen without her wide smile and her unfailing genuineness. Wisdom came naturally to her. She was a real role model. Surely, she continues to shine through all her family, friends, her tireless efforts, and many unique kindnesses. Heaven is blessed to be enjoying Karen right now. May God bless her. Consolations to all who miss Karen.

October 12, 2015 | Kenton Temple - Gatlinburg, Tennessee -- United States

Karen was one of four roommates I had freshman year at St. Mary's. She spoke her mind, had wonderful LL Bean slippers that I thought were ugly then but now have a pair and they are wonderful. And Karen and her date at freshman prom picnic time along with me and my date and Diane Wallace and her date cooked fried chicken for a picnic - it rained - we had picnic on the floor of somewhere and the chicken was not cooked all the way through. I have great pictures of that time and dorm life. Karen made a difference in my life.


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