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Guestbook for David Breyer
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February 18, 2019 | Teresa Breyer - Bartow, Florida -- USA

David “Doc” Breyer was Gramps to me and my children. And he was everything a child, and as the years passed, a young adult could want in a grandfather. He and Grams (Georgia) we’re always there through our greatest achievements and times of need. The “BreyerMethod” has definitely been passed down to the next generation along with his infectious smile.
He is loved as he will remain with us forevermore.

February 19, 2019 | Richard Vendig - Pound Ridge, NY -- USA

Georgia and Breyer family

My sincere sympathy on the loss of David. David was "Davie " to me and I was "Richie" to him. We were graduate students and good friends at Penn State years ago. He went on to get his doctorate, I went to work in NYC. David was a great guy and I will never forget the time Davie visited me in NYC and we were on 86th street and Davie suggested having a drink in every bar (quite a number) between 86th street and 76th street where my apartment was located. Needless to say we somehow managed to achieve our challenge. I will miss him and our occasional communications very much. David was always a true fun good guy who will be very missed. My sincere sympathy in our loss.
Richard aka "Richie"

February 20, 2019 | Ralph Kilmann - Newport Coast, CA -- United States

In the 1970s, I was a young professor at the University of Pittsburgh where David was a young doctoral student. He attended a number of my doctoral seminars and we easily developed a very nice friendship and a fun working relationship. He was a joy to behold and had a great sense of humor... and was so very passionate about his work.

Years later, we reconnected on Facebook and I sent him a recent book of mine. In the initial Chapter 0, The Ultimate Encounter, I told a story of someone who was especially frustrated with his day job (in an old, large, bureaucratic organization) and would then come home at night, every night, and retreat to his furniture-making hobby, which filled his soul with pure joy (which represented a transformed organization). Naturally, when David read that Chapter 0, he immediately wrote me that I must have been talking about him! In fact, until he told me that, I did not know of his amazing skills with wood and furniture. We both laughed so hard at what we had discovered. Was it a coincidence... or something more??? How did I know he loved woodworking?

On his last birthday, September 23rd, 2018, I posted this message on his timeline: "Happy, Happy Birthday, David!!! I am so honored that I had the chance to work with you at Pitt and watch you develop into such an amazing professor!!! Enjoy your special day... and every day!!!" I will miss him dearly. He touched everyone in a very special way. I extend my condolences to everyone who knew him... and that's a lot of people who loved him dearly.

February 20, 2019 | Don Balya - Bridgeville, Pennsylvania -- USA

Dave was always a live-wire at Greensburg Salem, and his posts on Facebook brought me a lot of chuckles and provoked a lot of thought. I will miss seeing them. Dave's family is in my prayers. We lost a good guy.

February 20, 2019 | Eileen Murphy - Amherst, NH -- USA

I never thought of someone like Doc dying. The zest for life in this man should have kept him alive forever. He had so many sides to him for everyone that met him to enjoy. I would put my last dollar on a bet that anyone could find a negative in his existence. I know the time I have spent with him was filled with laughter and curiosity about the countless good things about Doc. I wish you the best next stage my friend. I know you are already tap dancing on it . Much love ❤️Murph

February 21, 2019 | Suzanne Croft - Portland, Oregon -- USA

David leaves behind an empty spot in my heart. Many good memories of the time we spent together.

February 21, 2019 | Kim (Beile) Buseman - Centreville, VA -- USA

My sympathy and prayers to David’s family.
Remembering all the fun days in our senior year at Greensburg Salem in 1965. David loved driving us around in his 1957 Chevy!! Rest In Peace

February 21, 2019 | Glenn Ikemoto - Lihue, HI -- US

There are no words . . .

February 22, 2019 | Terry Lee - Asheville, NC -- USA

I can never forget you, David, or the great times we had together. You were one of a kind. You lived life your way and you lived it well. You used the Breyer method. I will miss you.

Georgia, you had a real jewel and I know you will miss him. May your memories of David bring you joy and peace.

May 3, 2019 | Demir Yener - Washington, DC -- US

While several months have passed since my good friends Dave's transition to the heavens, not one day passes without me thinking of him. We met as rookie academicians at Suffolk University School of Management in Boston in 1980. Life took us to different paths along the way but during this journey there was always an enduring brotherly love between us. His mischievous fun loving character with such brilliant sense of humor had put us close. He and I loved Jazz and Blues music, and we would enjoy listening. His passion for antiques passed on to me, and I learned a lot from him. I had not seen him for a long time but I miss him as my "wound to the tomb" buddy is forever. Rest in Peace dear Dave. Love.

June 13, 2019 | Crystal Card - Brunswick, Maine -- USA

I will never forget the first class I had with Doc. It was quantitative statistics. I had not taken any sort of math classes in quite a while and was struggling the first class. I called him after I spent a lot of time working on the homework and said I fear I will not pass the class.

Doc told me to not worry, just do the best you can. This helped me to continue and I completed his class that semester with an A. He made it easy to understand the subject matter and broke it down for us that needed it. Doc was approacable and kind hearted and patient. I will miss the conversations we had while at the Mill while shopping for antiques. He was a wonderful person and will be missed greatly.


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