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Khalilha St. Cloud

Date of Death: February 13, 2022

Date of Birth: November 3, 1976


Khalilha St Cloud, known affectionately (& by her Walmart employee ID tag) as KIKI, lived a very livable life. Every moment mattered to Kiki and if she knew you needed something, she’d find a way to get it for you. People mattered to Kiki, and it was in her nature to be kind, even if they were the type of people who would hit the Walmart pole at the Auburn store where she worked for many years.

Kiki loved working, mostly because she was getting paid to shop for others and because some of the substitutions others made were hysterical and she couldn’t wait to make us all giggle about them…honestly, toothpicks for tampons? We laughed for days about that one.

Smudge the Cat was her favorite meme, which she would hysterically pronounce as “may-may’s” until she finally figured out she was saying it wrong.

Kiki loved cooking, especially new recipes, and would air fry almost ANYTHING. Fried Oreos were a favorite of ours.

The little things mattered to Kiki: butter pecan ice cream with squeezable strawberry preserves, patting our elderly dog Angus who refused to leave her side until she did so, iced espresso coffee, Wednesday Chicago nights, Dunkin Refreshers, dressing the cats up for photo shoots, Gain laundry pods, telling our potbellied pig to take her broom to her room, pineapple fried rice, mango popsicles, road trips to ANYWHERE, radio station trivia games and so much more.

Kiki’s friends and family were extremely important to her and she was grateful for all who chose to include her in their daily escapades.

Kiki was a simple person; she didn’t wear jewelry, fancy clothes, or feel the need to follow the latest trends. She loved finding bargains and would admit to being addicted to the Children’s Place and Amazon. Wednesdays were her days off and she could be found sitting at the dining room table hitting her family up for items to add to her Walmart pick up order the next day. (Kiki loved having others shop for HER!)

Though her life was simple, she did have ONE prized possession, her beloved son, Jacob. Kiki lived and breathed and laughed and loved FOR JACOB. He was her reason for SURVIVING. He is what kept her motivated on days when she was completely exhausted. Jacob loves everything trains and Kiki was ALWAYS saying Jacob had enough trains, yet, when she passed, there were at least 4 Thomas characters waiting to be given to him. She had the patience of a saint when it came to Jacob and repeatedly watched “choo choo unboxing” videos , “The Polar Express” or “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” with him. She was his biggest fan when he was in the Karate dojo, often doing supportive karate moves from her chair in the observation lobby. Jacob is Kiki’s pride and joy and though she was so sweet tempered, that “sweet pea” of ours would curdle milk if someone upset Jacob’s world.

Kiki will continue to cheer Jacob on and watch over him from her new “post” with Angels wings.

Her time here with us was far too short, just as she was, in stature…good things come in small packages after all. Speaking of “good things”, the best way we can honor our beloved Kiki would be in performing random acts of kindness in her name : donate to an animal shelter, pay for the next person’s beverage/meal, give someone a smile, shop for your own groceries, don’t hit the Auburn Walmart poles, and for goodness sake, have a sense of humor. (Some of us are just too dang serious)

There are at least a million more things we could say, but she never liked long winded stories, so…

PS: A Celebration of Life will be held to honor Kiki on Sunday, February 20th, 1 p.m., at North Monmouth Community Church. Please contact the Church if you would like the ZOOM link.

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