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Martin David Shofner

Date of Death: May 16, 2024

Date of Birth: December 1, 1955


 Martin David Shofner, 68, of Brunswick, Maine, passed away peacefully on May 16th, 2024. Born in Beaumont Texas on December 1st, 1955, to parents Frances and Jack Shofner, he was the fourth of five children.
      Growing up, Martin and his younger brother Walt, were only 15 months apart in age so they were close enough to share their interests and activities growing up. This closeness between Martin and Walt was special, creating moments of joy, anger, victory, sadness, discovery, exhilaration—powerful feelings and unique moments that were made so much more indelible because they were shared.  
      Even at the earliest age, Martin demonstrated outstanding character traits that would serve him well throughout his life, endearing him especially to his chosen family and friends.  One of those special traits was his loyalty to those he loved, sometimes to a fault.  He was selective in making friends, and those friends were life-long because they knew that their relationship with Martin was rock-solid and that he could be relied on under any circumstance. This led to a special friendship group from junior high and high school lovingly referred to as "the Cartel", which continues to this day.
      Martin's love of the outdoors developed early when he would camp out with his brother, Walter and "the Cartel".  The woods and the serenity of nature were sacred to Martin, providing a place for both camaraderie and contemplative solitude.  He found great joy in hiking, "plinkin", fishing, and spending time on the water in his boat.
He could often be found in his workshop, crafting and creating with an engineer's precision and an artist's passion. Whether it was building his workshop from the ground up, fixing household items, or fashioning his own unique inventions, Martin's projects were a testament to his ingenuity and love for hands-on work. Martin had a gift for figuring out how things worked. Minibikes, motorcycles, fishing reels, model airplanes—he worked on them all and a lot more.  His creativity and skill brought joy to his family and friends. This led him to become a top-rate machinist, the first of his three major career phases. Some say he took this route only to justify having such an extensive tool collection as well as always having engines and crankcases disassembled and laid out in the garage.
      Martin eventually took an interest in Audiology, his second career phase. He earned a Master's Degree in Audiology and Speech Pathology from Lamar University, complementing his undergraduate degrees, which he fondly referred to as his "sheepskins."  Martin's academic achievements show more than just smarts and drive because he courageously overcame a learning disability to reach his goals and embark on his new career.  
      This change in career for Martin turned out to have the single greatest impact in his life because it led him to live in new places and meet new people. One of the new places was Maine, which he moved to in 1994. One of the new people was Terri Drumm, with whom he would build a beautiful family and life.
      Martin met the love of his life, Terri, in 1996, and they married in 2000. Their bond was simply remarkable; they were truly each other's biggest fans and supporters, always relying on and enhancing one another's strengths. They had a once-in-a-lifetime affinity.  Martin's love and dedication to Terri were evident in every aspect of their lives together.
      Martin built a powerful and unique bond with his stepsons, Sean and James Drumm, over nearly 30 years. Not a traditional stepdad; he was a role model and a guiding force in their lives. Martin proudly called them "his boys," and their relationship was marked by deep love and mutual respect. He was a constant presence, offering support, wisdom, and affection, shaping their lives in profound ways.
Martin embraced his role within his Maine family with joy and enthusiasm. Over the years, he became known as a lovable member of the "Druncles," endearing himself to everyone with his unique and quirky personality. He had a special nickname for every family member, and his warm hugs and odd charm became treasured     family traditions.
      In 2001, Martin embarked on the third and final career phase.  He became a salesman and resident eccentric subject matter expert at The Hearth Doctor, a local shop specializing in fireplaces and woodstoves. For over 20 years, Martin excelled in this career which allowed him to earn a living utilizing his unique interests and skills. He earned the mutual love and respect of his work family—Bill, Kate, and Will Robinson, Mike Jacques—and countless customers.
      Martin leaves behind a legacy of love and laughter. He is predeceased by his parents, Jack and Frances Shofner, his sister, Sarah, and his father-in-law, Franklin True, Sr., with whom he shared a special bond. He is survived by his beloved wife, Terri Drumm Shofner; his stepsons, Sean Drumm and his husband Nicholas Blais, their best friend Varun, and James Drumm and his partner Andrea Campbell.
      Martin is also survived by his Texas family: his brother Franklin Shofner and his wife Rosalia, their daughter Emma and her wife Petrina, and their son Rai; his sister Peggy and her husband James Truitt; his nephew Chance and his partner David; his brother-in-law Gene McGown, his brother Walter Shofner and his wife Diane, their children Katherine, Daniel, and his wife Julia.
      His Maine family includes his mother-in-law, Rita True; his sister-in-law Rebecca and her husband Paul Ebner, and their daughter Juliette.  His brother-in-law Franklin True Jr. and his wife Lisa, their children Kayla and her fiancé Eddie, and their children Kallie and Kamden; Franklin True III and his fiancée Abby; Derek True and his wife Nikki and their son Brayden.
      A celebration of Martin's life will be held at The Birches in Lichfield, Maine on Saturday, July 6th, at 1:00pm where his Texas and Maine family and friends can gather to share memories and honor the life of a remarkable man who touched so many hearts.  Family and friends are encouraged to come and to share their favorite Martin stories and adventures. Martin was legendary for his Hawaiian shirts, so wear your favorite Hawaiian print and join his Texas and Maine families to "take a turn about the harbor" with a love filled cookout and a Martin style party.

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